Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Whet Your Appetite

If you're like me, and you probably should be because I'm cool, you start eating snacks and appetizers at about 9 or 10 in the a.m. and don't stop until right before the Thanksgiving meal is served. I'm usually so stuffed I can't even look at the dinner table. But somehow I manage to eat an entire meal.

Here are some yummy appetizers. Some I've tried and some I want to...
On the "try" list. At the top, actually.

The best snack food EVER!!!
Sooo yummy!
I love these! Stuffed mushrooms need to be served hot, or at least warm, in my opinion. Usually they are gone before they have a chance to cool down, so that works. I prefer mine stuffed with a blue cheese or gorgonzola stuffing. Mmmmm!
Zippy Cranberry Appetizer Recipe
I wanted to share something using cranberries and this looks really yummy despite it's crazy name. It will be on my "try-before-Thankgiving-Day" list.
Please don't forget to make a cheeseball! This is necessary for any Thankgiving celebration to be successful. Really, what's a party without a cheeseball?

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