Monday, September 29, 2008

My Deco File

Domino Magazine has a new feature that I am just gaa gaa over. I started my own file yesterday and it's very cool. I always find pictures that I want to save and I e-mail them to myself. The Deco File is a way to keep track of them and catagorize them anyway you like. Here is my file. Check it out and make your own and we can all share. Just click on the link below. It will be fun and we can bond!


Friday, September 12, 2008

My Latest Project

I found this cute chair at a yard sale and it needed a good home and a little love. So I fixed it up and here is my finished product!

I love the little drawer under the seat. This is for all sorts of hidden treasures!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Time For A New Post

So I guess I'm not the best blogger in the blogosphere. I have a hard time keeping up to date and I'd like to apologize now. I will try to improve my blog-slacking ways.

Let's catch up, shall we? School is back in, yeah!!! Now we are running, running, and more running. Mia is playing 8th grade volleyball and has practice everyday until 7pm. I never had practice that late, not even in high school. Kids these days! We try to carpool with others on the team but I end up driving most days. I'm really tired of the route from home to Parma. Ana is bowling with a Special Olympics team every Wednesday in Homedale (that's a town about 15 min from Parma). She loves it and keeps everyone on track. I thought, "Hey, finally some people I can beat at bowling!" But no, they would kick my butt. I just need to face it, my dreams of becoming a pro-bowler will never come to fruition. Maybe if I bowled more than once a year:) Paron has Cub Scouts every week again and I need to get back into the groove of scouts. I am officially the worst "Scout Mother" in all history. I rarely remember when scouts is and so Paron never has his shirt, which is still the one from Utah, and it's about 2 sizes too small. And Van just gets shuffled in between everything and stays happy.

As for me, I go to work, come home and play with Van, help kids with homework, make dinner, clean up, watch a little bit of tv and go to bed. I'm so interesting, I know. I do get a lot of time to day dream at work, so in my mind I have a very full life and at times it's very fulfilling. I own my own little shop in a cute little rustic building in a downtown neighborhood, people come from far and wide to see what amazing finds I have in stock. I spend the day designing and dreaming up new items for my shop. I have a huge supply of vintage fabrics and ribbons that I sit and stare at to get inspiration. Ahhh, I love to dream:)

I love and miss all of you and hope you all have a great Autumn.

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