Monday, June 16, 2008

Old Fort Boise Days

This last weekend we had "Old Fort Boise Days" in Parma. Now I know some of you are asking, "What the heck is that?!" Well, let me give you a little history lesson:

Just as US-20/26 does today, the historic Oregon Trail crosses between Idaho and Oregon at the confluence of the Boise and Snake Rivers, southwest of I-84 at the town of Parma. Sugar beets and onions fill the fields around the tiny town, which takes pride in its replica of Fort Boise, one of the first European outposts in the Pacific Northwest. Originally established in 1834 by the Hudson’s Bay Company, Fort Boise was famous for its frontier hospitality, entertaining and supplying travelers and traders until the mid-1850s, when it was closed because of declines in demand and an increase in Indian hostilities. The original Fort Boise stood along the banks of the river and was washed away long ago. The site is marked today by an odd, horse-headed stone obelisk festooned with the Hudson’s Bay Company flag, which stands along the Snake River at the end of Old Fort Boise Road, two miles west of US-20/26. The less-than-authentic steel-and-stucco reconstruction of the old fort that stands along US-20 near the center of town is the site of the annual Old Fort Boise Days in early June.

So we have a celebration every year and it's entertaining in a Parma sort of way. The kids were so excited for the parade.

I kept telling them it's not anything huge, just some horses, firetrucks, and maybe a lawnmower covered in streamers.

They had a great time anyway. And they got a ridiculous amount of candy. There is also a carnival with various rides and booths. I'm not too hip on putting my kids on a death-trap carnie ride so they were only allowed to go on one ride. Mia chose not to, Paron lost his right because of a bad choice:) and Ana chose these spinning things

and loved every bit of it. I was a bit let down with the booths this year. There were very few and no funnel cakes in sight!

Next year we are going to have Parma Company enter a truck or something in the parade because my kids are dying to be part of it. I think we should have a "Parma Company Manure Spreader" and shower the crowd with some of Idaho's finest. Or maybe we can load it with candy and pelt everyone. Either way it would be so fun:)

Here's a link so you can check out all the festivities:

Yeondoo Jung Art

These pictures are amazing. The artist,Yeondoo Jung, interprets children's pictures into photographs. Click on the pictures to enlarge to see all the detail. Beautiful!

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