Friday, November 12, 2010

Sittin' At The Kids' Table

My kids love it when they have their very own table. That was kinda said in sarcasm. My teenagers think it's humiliating but the younger two don't mind at all. Especially if I give them activities and their own decorations. Here are some really fun ideas...
Finger Stamp Place Cards
Photo and instructions here
Photo and instructions from here

Sugar-Cone Cornucopia Place Card Table Decorations
This should keep them quiet for a while. If you fill them up with candy everybody has a better time!
Photo and instructions here
Thanksgiving Activity: What Are You Thankful For?
To remind them what the day is really about.
Free printable from here
Turkey Luminarias
They can work on this activity while waiting for their dinner and then enjoy the glow later when it's time to pass out from the turkey-induced coma.
Photo and instructions from here

 If you need some fun coloring pages go here or here.

And here are some Thanksgiving word puzzles for the older kids.

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