Monday, November 15, 2010

And Now For the Food

Let's start off with side dishes, shall we? You can make a lot of these in advance and freeze them to have ready for your feast. This first one I'm considering trying...
This is one of my all-time favorite dishes. True Southern soul food.
Every year I want to try a really fancy stuffing, but I never do. Maybe this will be my year!
(Probably not, though)
And not just regular mashed potatoes, but fancy mashed potatoes.
Holiday Mashed Potatoes
Ok, the name, not so good, the recipe, sounds AMAZING!  I just may have to rename it before I try it.
Broccoli Pudding


Jill W said...

My Grandma started making Sweet Potato Souffle for us about 15 years ago. I love it! Our first Thanksgiving with Dan's parents was alarming. 20 different kinds of pies, which was good, but instead of making some glorious thing out of sweet potatoes, they chunked them up raw and put them on a vegetable platter. I'm not sure I was very thankful for that.

M said...

That sounds gross. I like my sweet potatoes covered in something gooey and sweet. Did you make your Grandma's recipe for them so they know what they are supposed to taste like?

Jennifer P. said...

I have tried fancy stuffings before, but nothing ever tastes as good as Stove Top. Must be all that MSG. I also made green bean casserole with haricortes vertes one year, and onions I coated myself. And everyone hated it. So, I guess boxed, canned stuff wins around my house! But the mashed potatoes are always fancy :)

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