Friday, May 16, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things....For Now

Just some different pretties that have caught my eye lately. And some yummy treats as well. Enjoy!

I found this bag on Isn't it the cutest? I really want a yellow bag right now.

Mississippi Mud Cake, need I say more? (You can find the recipe on my food blog,

I love, love, love bell jars. So pretty and simple.

I may have to learn to use a wood saw or router or something like that so I can try to make my own version of this. It would be so cute in Van's room.

Anything to do with Key Lime and I'm all over it like a bad rash:)

I'm going to see if we have some large gear parts at work and try to replicate this mirror. If it works out I'll add it to my ever expanding line of furniture and accessories. (So what if my ever expanding line of furniture and accessories are only in my head, I have to start somewhere!)

This is the sink that will go in my future.....

Dream kitchen!!!

And the living room that will go along with my future dream kitchen.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

When this time of the year rolls around I always want to start a project. Do any of you feel that itch? Maybe it's the world waking back up that makes me feel inspired. I've got my eye on a couple things around here that I would like to refinish. There is my mom's hutch. It's nice but looking a little dated now. I could have a lot of fun with it, maybe paint it something fresh and bright, add some pattern in the back, change out the knobs....oh the fun that awaits! (Maybe I should talk to my mother about this first, hmmmm.)

I have these old Coca Cola crates that I used to use as shadow boxes. They are from the 60's so getting to be antiques. I would like to do something using them but I'm not sure if I'm ready to take that step. It's just an object and they've been sitting in storage for a long time, ok, I've talked myself into it. That was really hard:)

I also would like to find some cute vintage chairs to redo. I need to get out of bed on Saturday mornings and hit the yard sales. They are everywhere and I usually find some pretty cool stuff when I drag my poor, tired body out there when the sun is rising. No pain, no gain. It's easier to yard sale with a buddy though, I guess Mia will have to join me, like it or not! (She usually jumps at the chance because she thinks she gets something at every stop:) I also have a bevy (yeah, I used the word "bevy". You got an issue with that? I know I'm smart and my vocab is huge)of picture frames that I have been trying to find a use for. Any ideas with picture frames besides my usual french memo board? Bring it on.

So now is your chance to share with me all of your spring project ideas. I know you have some, let's hear it. Maybe we can all be inspired by each other and make our lives better and the world a prettier place through our craftiness!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm Becoming a Farmer-AHHHHHH!!!!!!

My brother, Jeff, needed some help in the field the other day and since I am the only other adult living at our house I was chosen to be the lucky helper. I know this will be a shocker to most of you: I learned to drive a tractor! It wasn't too bad other than I had a hard time reaching the pedals, curse these short legs not designed for tractor driving, and I had to shift gears with two hands. It's a very old tractor so I bet I could handle a newer version with no problem. I've even included the video. My brother, Adam, added the music and made it even better.
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