Thursday, November 4, 2010

Up And Coming Photographer

My daughter, who I love to brag about, is getting very good at photography. I thought I should show off her skills. Someday I'll have to get a nice camera and then let her loose on the world!
And my favorite....Mia's self portrait....


tiffunny said...

Love it! Tell her she's fantastic. I especially like those top 2 for some reason. And seriously - her profile in that last pic looks so much like you. I can't believe that's the little 3 year old girl that lived below us all those years ago!

Cammie said...

Is she your twin?

Beautiful photography.

And I just have to say one thing about photography. Fancy schmancy camera. I know about 100 people with the latest technology and NO eye for art or detail. This girl has it! Can you send her my way for some photo shoots?

Jennifer (Ambushed) said...

I agree with Cammie, you don't need the latest and greatest, just a good eye.

My favorite thing about the self-portrait are the ear rings! Those were always one of our favorites.

M said...

Thanks ladies!!! I'll pass on the compliments to Mia.

Jennifer, I'm so happy you noticed the earrings. She loves them like we did:)

miamor elda said...

they're my grandma's earings:) and thankyou for noticing!! dang, of course i'll do a photo shoot!!:) and if you want to see more of my photography, look at my blog:) they're kinda scattered amongst the blog but they're in there:) mom-put some more of my pictures on here.

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