Thursday, November 11, 2010

Silverware Chandelier

I know this isn't necessarily Thanksgiving-y but I just saw this and had to share. And it would look fantastic above your perfectly placed Thanksgiving table, would it not?
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Jill W said...

If you ever head Weiser way, hit the little consignment store at the junction of Highway 95/Crystal Rd. It's on the right. You will be in heaven. It's amazing! This summer they had bee-yootiful wind chimes made out of silverware from a local vendor. I coveted them, but didn't have the $45 a piece that they wanted for the set of knives, spoons, and forks. I did think, at the time, I would love a chandelier made from silverware to hang over my dining room table IF I could find someone to make it for me and IF Dan wouldn't throw a fit and IF I had a dining room.
Thanks again for the mismatched china idea. I'm excited to set the table for Thanksgiving. Our Goodwill is very good (wealthier community/one or two kids per family/all about giving things away). Unfortunately, they didn't have a great silverware collection. I'll have to go with what I have.

M said...

Thanks Jill!!! I will definitely go there. I'm so happy you like the china idea. Makes me smile when I say something and someone likes it:) You'll have to take pictures of your Thanksgiving set up. I want to see the pretty china. And I am so jealous of your Goodwill. The thrift stores here are so picked over and kinda crappy. But sometimes I get lucky.

Anonymous said...

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