Friday, August 5, 2011

Making a Change

Hi! I'm back. For good.
And I need to do some changing around here! Since I have moved and am no longer in my beloved Parma I need to change the name of my blog. It is a sad thing, but has to be done.
So, I need your help! I need a name. A good, solid name. One with character and zip and sparkle.
And what fun would a name-change be without a contest? With prizes?!
Give me ideas and I'll give prizes! I have a lot of stuff left over from my reception that I have no where to keep and it is too good to just store somewhere.
 (And I know my hubby would be really happy to get rid of some of it:)
You want pictures of what some of the prizes are? Well, ok.....
These are the little urns I used for my centerpieces.
As much as I love this yellow set, I'm willing to let it go. For you, my lovely readers!
This is one of the many cross-stitch samplers I made.


Jennifer P. said...

Well, since I'm assuming that the blog will be largely about your adventures in marriage, new parenting, and remodeling, I think something like Yours, Mine, and Ours: How I'm Dragging my Sweet but Reluctant Husband into the World of Design.

Actually, let me give this some more thought.

I want the urns.

Also, I'm glad you're back. Really, really glad :)

hope505 said...

Oh! I'll think of some good ones...and I admire your cross-stitching skills, but I am, so far, a woman of my own means and a dedicated bachelorette...perhaps I could just go for the other prizes..? I like the yellow silverware caddy!

Jill W said...

Whatever you do, start calling yourself "Matt's Wife". And come up with kitchy names for your kids so that no one comes and kidnaps them. Somebody needs to fill in for TAMN, so start misusing words and judge your peers as well. If you could do all of these things for me, then I wouldn't have to go anywhere else to get my bloggerish fixes.
Here are my suggestions:
Fancy That
If You Want to be Just Like Me (because I'm pretty dang cool)
We is He n Me + Four

Oh, I don't know. I like Jennifer P's suggestion.

Chad and Amy said...

What about my Sister is the Coolest?

You can send me the yellow set. You know my address...

Anonymous said...

One day at a time with Matt&Melissa

something like that would be cute!! :D :D

hope505 said...

How about...lavender lemongrass leopard

*haha! ok that was just fun to say.

Primroses and Picklejars

The Color of Happy

Bottleglass Heart

well there's a couple
* : )

M said...

Love all these ideas! Keep them coming!!!

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