Thursday, August 25, 2011

Camping And Abstract Art

I wanted to share some of our pics from our camping trip with you. The Idaho scenery is simply amazing. I love knowing that all this beauty is in my backyard.
Lake Cascade
I could wake up to this view everyday.

Our campsite. Not much shade but it was still fun.

My 4 yr old loves to find my camera and take pictures. I like to think of them as abstract art. 
This is the "Tent" Collection.



Jill W said...

Ahh.... My five year old is also a camera lover. Her portraits of adults are always nice. Either the adult looks like a giant peering down at an ant (with a great view of nostril holes) or it's a charming posterior shot.

M said...

Sounds familiar! I just had a lovely backside pic taken of me yesterday. Van laughed for a long time and had to show everyone. Such great kids we have :)

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