Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pastel Pleasure Palace

That is the name my husband has given our house.
And it is! And I love it!!
Here are some of the colors that I've used...
Martha Stewart Living 8 oz. Pencil Interior Paint Tester # MSL082
This is in the entry and kitchen, it is called "Pencil", and it looks just like a yellow pencil.
This is in the living room. It is called "Love-In-A-Mist". Awesome name.
This is in the hallway off the living room. It's name is "Sea Anemone". It is very close in shade to the blue and in certain light it's difficult to tell them apart.
All paint sample pics from here
This is "Ballet Slipper Pink". It is in my daughter's room. It fits her perfectly.

Hopefully we'll get our internet up and running soon. I'm using the library's computers and it's not very convenient, but better than nothing.

I really want to show some pictures of the rooms! They're coming, I promise!!! And I'm dying to get back in my daily blogging habit. Miss you all!


hope505 said...

~ swoooon! consider me inspired!!! really gorgeous picks for color with the blues & pink! and PENCIL! *hahaha

Rachel @ The Lazy Christian said...

Hiya! I'm Rachel---I stumbled across your blog because of the wiener dog chairs you posted a while ago. And it's called your Parma adventure---of which Parma do you speak? I grew up in Parma, OH...

M said...

Hi, Rachel! So happy you stopped by! Hope you come back soon. I'm from Parma, ID. Aren't Parma people awesome? I think so :)

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