Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stick Up

I was flipping thru my current edition of Elle Decor and saw a little article on Payton Cosell Turner. She designs wallpaper and wall designs using regular, everyday stickers. They are stunning and beautiful and so fun! I love the close ups with everything from monster trucks to tennis balls.
So amazing!

Photos from here


Jennifer said...

I tried to post on this when you first put it up, but for some reason it wouldn't let me. Probably because I wasn't saying nice things about wall paper.

I don't like wall paper. And then to make it out of stickers? A bigger nightmare in my mind.

It does look cool, but I wouldn't want to take it down in a few years. Not even with my handy-dandy steamer.

I still have four rooms full of beautiful wall paper to remove, plus another room with a border. And the kitchen even has wall paper on top of wall paper! Nope, you can't talk me into liking any type of wall paper right now.

M said...

I was thinking of using this idea to decorate a tray. I was going to paint the inside of it but I could use the sticker idea and not have it on my walls.

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