Thursday, August 26, 2010

"Up" Up and Away!

My super talented sister-in-law, Lynette, just did a wedding all based on the movie "Up". It was so sweet and original that I had to share.
Don't you just love it?! Especially the little vignettes and that cake! Wow!!! Awesome job, Lynette! I'm really happy to have a wedding planner in my family. Now I just need a wedding;)


Raquel English said...

Melissa, that is the cutest thing ever, I felt like it was Wlly Wonka... It's precious....well done... Bravo....

Jennifer P. said...

What a fabulous, original idea! Hope there's a wedding to plan soon :)

hope505 said...

omg SO cute!! !! !!

Lynette said...

Hey...funny thing, I just peeked at your blog and saw my pics!!! How cool is that...I feel soo...famous!!!

Thanks for blogging about it...wish you could have seen it in real life...was WAY cooler!!!



PS...I am game for planning another wedding...just keep us posted!!! ;)

Refinerii said...

OMG: love it! Loved the movie; what a great idea for a wedding!

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