Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Heart Birds

Especially pictures of pretty vintage birds. I want to get a huge bird cage and fill it with pictures of pretty little birdies.

Images from the amazing blog The Graphics Fairy. She has hundreds of beautiful FREE images ready for you to use. I love them with all my heart!


Julie said...

I so completely love that site! Especially the old fruit labels and such. Vintage rocks.

hope505 said...

Do you think you and your kids would enjoy owning an actual bird..? There are so many kinds and they really are a delight to have around! My little parrot sings in the mornings and throughout the day...there is a little shop in town that sells only birds and of course they range from tiny little warblers to ones larger than some small dogs!!!

Well anyway just a thought as they are so fascinating and beautiful! They can make wonderful companion pets and are actually quite sensitive! All price ranges, too.
* = )

Yes...outdoor birds are wonderful too...Martha Stewart builds boxes for the OWLS on her (massive) property to live and nes in...wouldn't that be neat? owls!

M said...

Thanks for the info, Hope! I think we could handle a bird if it wasn't too noisy. I've never looked into what it would take to own a bird. Maybe. I know my daughters would love it. And it would be so amazing to have owls all around. I see them flying around here at night and they are beautiful.

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