Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Bike

My bf just put this sweet basket on my bike for me. I snagged the basket from my parents' ranch a long time ago and it held bags of chips until recently. I love riding my bike around town. I almost feel European.
(My dad told me I looked like Pee Wee Herman. So I sang the theme song for him.)


Jennifer (Ambushed) said...

Your teeth are too straight to be European.

Jennifer P. said...

I really do think that's about one of the sweetest gestures ever :). Now you have to borrow the leather chaps to ride on it. If you do that without pants then you're REALLY being European :)

M said...

That would not be a pretty sight:) But it would be funny!

Jennifer (Ambushed) said...

You should bring your sweet new bike here to Sturgis. I'm sure you would be the envy of all the bikers.

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