Thursday, August 19, 2010

Open Shelving

Are you a fan?
I know some people don't like all their kitchen items on display. They think it looks messy and unorganized. I love the open feel. And it really makes your kitchen feel spacious. Here are some well organized and eye-pleasing examples of open shelving. Just remember to keep the mismatched tupperware hidden in cupboards and then you're fine.
Photos from here
Photos from here


Jennifer (Ambushed) said...

I'm not a fan. Real kitchens have a lot going on. If everything was all organized and matched all the time how could they call themselves eclectic if they did?

By the way, I hate the word eclectic when people discribe their decorating. It's over used. OK, back to the shelves.

Jennifer P. said...

I like dishes on display, but I don't want people wondering what I'm doing with 48 bottles of olive oil.

I think textured or frosted glass doors are a nice alternative. But, when someone CAN pull off that open shelved look--yay for them :)

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