Monday, August 9, 2010

Glimpse Of My Weekend

This past weekend we went to Lake Cascade and it was beautiful! The lake was awesome and not too cold, the camping was great with warm days and cool nights, and the friends and family were perfect. The only bad part was coming home too soon.
My daughter, Queen of the Rock!
My son and the beautiful Idaho scenery. Makes you want to come here for your next vacation, huh?
Building sand castles. The tongue sticking out aids in the building process. Trust me, I do it too. And it helps.
Camping is always better when amazing friends come along. Love these girls!!!

1 comment:

Jennifer P. said...

yaaaay for vacationing with friends :) !

Love you back. Even enough to buy you a ghost chair one day when I stumble into that pile of cash that must certainly be stashed around here somewhere :)

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