Wednesday, May 19, 2010

To Burlap or Not To Burlap?

What do you think of the burlap upholstery trend? I'm not so sure. I do love touches of it, like in the ottoman, below. And I like it as a "burlap look" fabric. But real burlap used in upholstery? Hmmmm, not so comfy. I'm not going to be cuddling up to a potato sack anytime soon and I'm not going to upholster my chair with it because it is the cool thing to do. Well, unless it's on a pillow. Then it will be cool.
I like the post about burlap furniture trend found here.
Photo from here
Photo found here
These are pushing it. I don't think these look very cozy. I imagine they would be itchy and stiff.


Jennifer (Ambushed) said...

The ottoman is niced. It would be kind of cool to have, those last chairs look awful! They don't look well made, they look like they ran out of material and had to go to the cellar to get something quick.

Not a fan. A chair should be comfortable. Unless you use it for those you don't want to sit and stay for awhile. Then I would like it. :)

MaryJanes and Galoshes said...

I like the top three. I think your right that it's probably fabric that looks like burlap and not the actual stuff (for some of them). I may have to recreate the ottoman.

M said...

I love that ottoman. I'm going to be on the look out for a little one to recover.

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