Friday, May 7, 2010

An Assortment of Sorts

Here are a whole lotta whatevers for you to do this weekend....
Organize your (S)crap
Photo from here
I love this idea of grouping paper scraps in a little notebook. It's so true that if it's visible it will get used.
Decoupage a Chair
Photo from here
I have my chair and paper and mod podge all ready. Now I'm just waiting for a nice sunny day.
Plant some herbs in assorted pots.
Photo from here
Mine are growing so nicely and I even used some of my fresh Basil in pasta the other day . It was yummy! I found some left behind pots in an old shed behind our house (The lady who lived there before us passed away and left a bunch of fun stuff that only I think is fun:)
And for all you Mommys
I think the best Mother's Day is one spent in solitude contemplating the joys of Motherhood.

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