Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cloth Diapers

I've decided to use cloth diapers for this little baby kicking the heck out of my insides. Not because I'm ultra "green" but because I'm tired of buying box after box of diapers I'm just throwing away. And they are so darn cute! Did you know they even have cashmere diaper covers? My baby would appreciate his bum covered in cashmere.
GroVia® AIO - Owls

I'm registered at the cutest baby store, Buns In The Oven. Their store is full of all the cutest and fanciest baby things you could ever imagine and a lot you would never imagine but suddenly can't live without.


Jamie Waite said...

I support that decision Cousin! I can't believe how much money we spend on disposables and just throw into our land fields. I'm far from ultra 'green' either but if I ever had another baby, I would definitely consider the cloth thing. Its so different than when we were kids too. Good luck!! :)

Jamie Waite said...

"land fields"??? haha. I crack myself up!!!

M said...

Thanks, Jamie! And I read "land fields" and didn't think it sounded odd. I guess it sounds so much like "land fills" that I just kept reading :)

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