Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday Dinner

This is what we had for dinner yesterday...
Photo from here
It was declared a success by everyone eating it. I saw a picture of it the night before at a restaurant where we were chowing down on midnight French toast. I wanted to order it but I realized I had all that stuff in my fridge and pantry at home. I love when that happens!
It was a super easy meal:
slices of bread (we used buns)
slices of turkey
gravy (slathered on!)
cranberry sauce on the side
mashed potatoes (of course)
Try it and it will make you want a full-on Thanksgiving dinner.

And then I made these....
It was Sunday. Do I need any other excuse? I think not.


Lisa I. said...

We had turkey and all the fixin's on Sunday too! I needed the room in my freezer and I always like a turkey dinner.

hope505 said...

mmm...those are the cinnamon rolls my mom used to make on Christmas morning! Wow!

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