Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dessert Buffet vs Wedding Cake

I have decided to mix the two.
We will have a dessert buffet with a couple smaller cakes. I came to the conclusion after I couldn't decide. We have to have a cake to slice and I have to show off my amazing dessert making skills so this will be the best of both worlds.
And since my man doesn't like cake, his "cake" will be made of fudge. Yes, he's already spoiled!
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dessert table with records
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cake table
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Or just do a buffet of cakes!

Maybe I'll just get a life-sized cake of myself. That's not scary at all!

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Jennifer P. said...

I love the cake topper made of straws, but the life-sized cake is just freaky! Look at her eyeing it like she'll kill whoever tries to eat it! haha! Can't wait to try your desserts. Don't forget one made in the dutch oven :)

Jill W said...

The first picture makes me happy-- very nice. I love the red floral cake. You'd better get going on all of these desserts.

hope505 said...

*haha!! oh nnooo...which piece do you suppose she will save for the 1st anniversary...the head?!
* : p
Whatever happens, I sure h*o*p*e you post a few pictures of these marvellous things!

M said...

I have so much to do and I need to get busy! I think she should save the head in her freezer and use it to scare people when they look in there :) And there will be pictures for sure! Can't wait to share them all.

Kimberly Love said...

What would a man think when his lady says she wants a life-size cake of HERSELF? Dude, one word of advice: Run.

mackyton said...

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