Thursday, April 14, 2011

Prettiness With Magazines

So here is something to do with all my magazines! Lidyll is quite the creative genius. I'm thinking this will be perfect for my daughter's room.
Photos from here
Photos from here
And I love what she did here with butterflies....


Jill W said...

I know those butterflies are on the outside, but yesterday I saw a lampshade where when the light was off it was ordinary, but when the lamp was turned on, images that had been attached to the inside shadowed through. I don't know how it was done and theirs was kind of ugly, but it was a great concept.

Lidyll said...

Hi there!
...i just found this page when googling myself*smile*

....I see its a while since it was made, but still it made me so so happy!

Thank you for all your kind words!

Best whishes,

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