Friday, April 15, 2011

My Dress

Here I am in my modeling debut...
It has pockets! I love pockets in wedding dresses, don't you?
A close-up of the top. I love the lace. It is so elegant and beautiful. 
My favorite picture of the day! We didn't need the umbrella until after we were done, but it was a great prop.
I love this angle of the dress. And it makes me look super slim :)

My amazing friend, Shauna, made my dress. We designed it together and I couldn't have been happier with it. I couldn't find the shoes I wanted so I decided to wear my brown peep-toes that I already had (and counted them as my "something old") and she made a brown sash to tie in with the shoes.

Something Old: brown shoes
Something New: brooch and earrings
Something Borrowed: pearl necklace from my mother
Something Blue: toenails


Mama Runner Parker said...

beautiful--i LOVE this post! did you print it for your memory box or journal or scrapbook or SOMETHING??

Ogden Family said...

I have followed your blog from time to time... I just can't believe how talented you are. Congrats on getting married! What a great time for you and you new hubby. Hope all is well.
Heather Ogden

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