Monday, December 3, 2012

It's That Time of Year

The time to make Christmas wish lists!!!
I'm keeping my list to all things that can be found locally. I want to help out my fellow Idahoans.
This poster is from Bricolage, located in downtown Boise
Image of Someone in Idaho Loves Me, American Apparel tri-blend
I really, really want one of these awesome t-shirts.
Check out the other super cool stuff at Fawn and Foal.
Anything from Janjou Patisserie that is opening any day now. I'm so excited!!!!
Yes, it's a toy, but I still want one. I might share this with my boys. But not until I play with it first. You can find these at my favorite toy store, Buns in the Oven.
A gift certificate to The Chocolat Bar. You can never go wrong with a gift certificate. And a chocolate one at that!

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