Monday, October 22, 2012

Set It Up

I watch tv shows and movies more for the set design than the story line. I find myself trying to look around the corner of a room to see more of their house. I was watching a "Friends" rerun and it reminded me of how much I loved Monica's apartment.
 Those purple walls and turquoise cupboards still look bold and fashion forward in 2012. In 1994 they were so daring. And I still want that print above their tv.
 My current crush is "Modern Family". Such perfect colors. And comfy! I really want a pomegranate painting in my kitchen too.
 And don't get me started on Julia and Joel's house on "Parenthood".
Or Adam and Kristina's house?
 Design heaven!


Jennifer9024 said...

I want the house on Daddy Daycare. I LOVE IT!! When we watched it the first time I kept telling Tyson to look at the house.

M said...

That is definitely one of the movies I watch for the house and not the story.

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