Friday, October 5, 2012


In honor of Halloween month I'm going to give you a tour of a real Ghost Town, Silver City, ID. We took a trip there on a very smokey day. I think the last time I was there was when I was 6 yrs. old and my only memory of the place was sitting on the steps of the hotel and pretending to smoke candy cigarettes. And then getting in trouble for it!
 The smokey-ness adds to the "Ghost Town" atmosphere.
 This church has services a few Sundays during the summer. I would go!
 The school is in the process of being renovated. Such a cool building.
 The scene of my candy smoking days.
 My boys especially loved the cemetary.
I think this would be super creepy if you were here after dark.
James had a great view from up high.


Jill W said...

Love, love, love Silver City! When I was about 15 we went there. So many memories. Me refusing to use the chamber pot in the motel room (they didn't have any bathrooms available at the time) and nearly exploding before we could find an outhouse the next morning. Playing Rummy with toothpicks in our mouths so that we looked like "real" gamblers. My dad finding a silver ring buried in the dirt by the Chinese laundry.
Dan and I took Morgan when he was a baby. We'll need to take the kids when we hit Idaho again.

M said...

I was surprised with how much they have restored. And I was surprised some of those buildings are still standing, like the hotel.

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