Thursday, May 26, 2011

Painted House

We are starting to paint the house this weekend. That means I have to decide on colors. That is very difficult for me, for my own house. For other people's homes, I can tell you what color you should paint in less than 10 minutes. I usually have a feel for your style by looking at what you own and that tells me what colors you would prefer. But for my own house?! I can't do it!

Should I go neutral (boring tasteful, yet easy to coordinate)?

Photo from here

Should I go trendy (wallpaper accent wall)?

Photo from here
Or should I go with my heart's secret desire (robin's egg blue with crisp white trim)?

Photo from here
So much pressure!!!

1 comment:

hope505 said...

oooh!! heart's desire! heart's desire!
Nothing wrong with a little color...subtle color is as easy to 'coordinate' as a ho-hum neutral, in my experience...

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