Friday, May 6, 2011

In My Dreams

Let's play pretend!
If I were to do the wedding reception of my dreams it would include everything pictured in this post. And most of the other beautiful items from BHLDN's new decor line. They are so perfectly my taste I feel all weepy inside. But alas, I live in the real world where I can't afford such luxuries so I will do my best to copy them.
Knotty Pine Treat Pedestal
Cravens’ Garden Tablecloth
Glittered Notion Banner
Glass Swallow Confection Jars
Off The Map Pennant Garland
Collaged Strawberry Place Cards
Proprietor’s Keys
Papered Pom Set


Jennifer said...

we can do it, if you want it. I'll be there a week before the reception with nothing better to do

M said...

Good! I have a whole list of stuff for you to do. :)

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