Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why? WHY?!

Why do these have to be almost $500?! Each!!

You are seriously killing me Anthropologie!
I love you so much but you are not helping me at all. I'll just have to stare longingly into your windows and dream of the day when $500 boots can be justified. Sadly, today is not that day. Until then, I will look for knock-offs that will pacify my boot lust.

Au revoir, my French wanna be Anthropologie....


Jennifer (Ambushed) said...

I saw some really cute cowboy boots yesterday that were over $700! They fit really nice too. I just had to try them on. :) Yes, I'm looking at getting me some nice cowboy boots, but I can't spend THAT much on them.

M said...

I love a good pair of cowboy boots. The pair that I own are not made for actual horse riding or pasture walking. But some nice ropers would look very cool.

Kristin said...

its amazing how expensive they can be...but very nice looking!

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