Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Headboard Options

In my continuing search for headboards, I came across this post and now I'm even more undecided. I'm digging this chalkboard idea....

I have a vintage chalkboard but it's in my children's playroom. They won't mind if it's my headboard, right? And then they'll be standing on my bed, drawing. Hmmmm, maybe not so good of an idea after all. NEXT!

This may be too romantic for my (currently) non-romantic bedroom. But isn't it beautiful?

And who can pass up a huge mirror? Not me. But this may be out of my price range. Most huge mirrors come with a huge price tag.

More searching.....

1 comment:

Jennifer (Ambushed) said...

I like the romantic one, but would be afraid of having all those things fall on my head if someone jumped on the bed.

Yes, we have people jumping on beds in this house.

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