Friday, January 8, 2010

What I'm Eyeing in O-Ten

Pillows from this adorable etsy shop.

I LOVE this dresser from Anthropologie. I can't afford the $998 price tag but I think I can re-create the look.

I really want my hair to look this good. I know it never will but it's a dream.
I'm pretty sure this pic came from The Satorialist.

I love tulip skirts and my amazing seamstress friend is going to help me make one! The fabric I chose is a black/blue acetate and it is beautiful. I have no hips so this style is perfect for my no-shape body. I'll have to post on the completed skirt. (or not since I will be the one sewing it:)
Photo from here


Jennifer (Ambushed) said...

I'm so happy you said you wanted that hair-do and not those pants. MC Hammer pants don't look good on anyone.

M said...

I kinda like the pants too. I love a good hammer pant:)

abigail said...

I like the pants, and LOVE the hair cut even though I'm pretty sure it'd make me look like a mushroom.

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