Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More Duvets

All from Anthropologie. The first two are a little busy but I still like the bright colors. The third is just pretty.

This one is from Macy's. It's a nice, safe pattern and would go with a lot of different styles and colors.

Also from Macy's. This is from the Martha Stewart collection. It's sweet, maybe a little too sweet for me. So, I was thinking these next two would spice things up a bit.....

Nothing says, "Welcome to my pretty bedroom," like "Love Kills Slowly" surrounded by a skull and cross-bones. I've seen this on t-shirts but who would ever want that on their bed?!?! Bring on the nightmares!


hope505 said...

Those Ed hardy duvets are too funny! I have my eye on this one:

(*arg! sorry to make you copy and paste)

floral/butterflies pattern!

Jennifer said...

I keep trying to get you some, but you don't like my choices. ;P

Melissa said...

Thanks, Hope! That was one I was checking out too!!! You must have good taste. -Melissa

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