Thursday, January 8, 2009


Have you discovered etsy yet? It is an online shop that is "the place to buy and sell all things hand-made". I love it! I have only bought one item from it but I plan on buying more. I like the idea of promoting crafters and it is my way to spur the economy. One day I'll get my little etsy shop going, but until then, here are some things I'm looking at...

The Lucy Apron

Sketchbook by Cathe Holden

Winter City purple hat with flower by MaxMelody (try to ignore the creepy life-like mannequin)

Black & Yellow Yo-Yo Necklace Don't know if I would wear this but isn't it awesome?!

Creamsicle & Corduroy Tote by Karen Meyers Aren't these colors yummy? So fun for Spring!


Kiki Pierre' said...

I love that hat!

Jennifer said...

I have looked at etsy before, but have never bought anything. I like the apron. That is really cute. That necklace...not so much.

Chad and Amy said...

I keep debating about doing an Etsy store. We'll see...
You should check out a girl in my ward's Etsy shop. She likes vintage stuff and has a couple cute aprons. Her seller name is themerrymagpie.

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