Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What Parma Has To Offer (This will be an on-going post. I'll add things as I find them.)

Feb. 26, 2008
Today Van and I visited "Petalers". It's a flower shop/gift shop/home decor shop. It was so cute and there were so many things I wanted. I'll have to take a pic of the outside so you can all experience it with me. I will be frequenting it often:)

Even though I grew up in Parma, I feel like I really don't know my town. Because we live out in the country, about 10 miles from town, I didn't spend a lot of time within the city limits. And when I was in high school I didn't care about anything besides sports and boys. So now I've decided to reaquaint myself with good ol' Parma!
Today Van and I went to the Patricia Romanko Library (Pat Romanko was the mayor of Parma for many years). They had story time at 10:00 am and we drove by at 10:15 am and there was a closed sign. I thought that was odd because there was a sidewalk board advertising story time for 10:00 and yet they were closed? So I checked anyway and the doors were open and there were a few people, including little kids, inside finishing up story time. I told them I thought they were closed and they said they open early on Wednesday and Friday for story time but regular opening time is 10:30. Kinda crazy?! Why would you open but keep a closed sign? Another mom and her daughters came in right after me and said the same thing. So I wasn't the only one confused. The explanation from the librarian is because that's how it's always been done. Ah yes, why would I ever expect a different response from a small town library? Anyway, we enjoyed what was left and now I know when to show up. And I met some new friends! After library I noticed a new restaurant had opened down the street and it looked fun, so Van and I walked down and had lunch at our new favorite place "Bistro 2 fifteen". They have sandwiches, wraps, salads and soup. It had just opened last Friday and I love it!!! It was very yummy and we will definately go again. Oh, and they have breakfast too.

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The Calkins Family said...

I only went to the library there a couple times and didn't go back because one of the librarians scared me. She was MEAN! I had to pay an over due fine and she about bit my head off!
Oh the memories...
You'll have to ask Chad about his trip to the Old Fort Boise Replica. Now that was an exciting trip.

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