Thursday, February 7, 2008


Well, we are finally starting to feel settled. I guess it hasn't taken too long. But you should see our shop full of boxes. It's crazy!!! I still can't believe I'm back in good ol' Parma but I better start believing it because it's not changing (Seriously, nothing changes here:)

I'm going to start working soon and that's kinda scary. I don't want to put Van in daycare but I have to do what I have to do. That's becoming my mantra. I need to think of a more catchy mantra because that's a little cliche. Someone give me a good one. I've already used, "When life is hard to stand, kneel" felt a little too preachy and I was constantly kneeling; or "It's a Good Thing", oh wait, that's Martha Stewart. Anyway.....we are all doing well on the Parker Ranch (that's what the folks around here call it. It says it on the outside of the house anyway.) The kids are doing great in school and it seems like they've always been farm kids. Paron is loving being able to roam free on the farm, Ana is loving having internet and too many tv's, Mia is already going to friend's parties and Van just goes along with whatever I do. As for me, well I got my Idaho driver's license. I had to take a test and that was scary. I never take tests anymore and the pressure was a killer. But I passed and now I'm an official Idahoan, again!

Love and miss all of you!!!!


Lynette said... passed your driver's test. I was freaked about doing mine when we moved back here too!

Glad you passed!!!

Dawn said...

I looked for a catchy mantra for you and found tons I thought applied :) But you must choose your own. Go to look under storyland, click on search, go the right and choose a theme. I recommend "personal growth". There are about 60, pick one! I chose "I like change, she said, as long as I remember I like change."

Steve, Kayla, and... said...

Sorry I've got to do it--TAG--check out my tag post to know what to do. Come on, these things can be fun sometimes

Helene said...

I loved seeing the kids! I can't believe that Mia is all grown up. I still have a mental picture of her as a roly-poly baby sitting on your striped couch in your first apartment. Paron looks like all of his Birkeland cousins - he could be one of Jeff and Dawn's kids.

I know that most mantra's are pretty cliche but that is usually because they are so true they get used often! I like "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." There's some sort of psychological energy that occurs when you start thinking about yourself as tough (kind of like wearing your high-heeled boots with skinny jeans)!

Watch out Parma, Melissa is here!

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