Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Room & Board (& Batten)

I'm going to be working on an entry way project in the near future and I came across these photos using board and batten. I think this is the solution the entry is screaming for me to use. It's inexpensive but doesn't look it.
And it really refines a room, don't you agree?

Photo found here
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Photo and instructions found here
board and batten
Photo and instructions found here
Photo from here


Chad and Amy said...

Did you know I know the girl who does the blog of the 2nd picture you posted? She lived across the street from Randy in our neighborhood in Nampa. She always has cute stuff. Whose entryway are you goig to be doing?

Lynette said...

ya...that pic is from Melissa's blog. Crazy!

Okay, and hope you don't mind but I totally going to steal that last pic idea. in a smaller version of course, by my garage door.

Very cute!

M said...

Really?! That is crazy! I love that room.

The entry way is in Matt's house. It needs some help:)

M said...

Lynette, That will look great in your house. Didn't you guys do this look in your library?

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