Friday, November 13, 2009

Friend Christmas Gifts

Do you give friend gifts? I love to make little treats for those closest to me but I want to make sure they are something they really like and not something that's going to be chucked the minute the door closes. Should I make something yummy? Should I give something like a bottle of rootbeer made to look like a reindeer with a card attached saying, "We're 'ROOT'ing for you to have a won'DEER'ful Christmas!"

What do you think about this d.i.y. s'mores kit? Would you make the s'mores or just stick them in your cupboard and find them 2 years later and then throw them out? (Not that I've done that)

I love these cake pops. But are they more for the kids than adults?
Photo from here. Original "Cake Pops" instructions.

Maybe a cute little jar of tiny cookies? And the glass jars are great for many other purposes.

Or go the non-food route and give a calendar? I love calendars *hint, hint*.
This calendar is beautiful, and I love it on the clipboard.

Another clipboard idea...
Whatever I decide it will be out of love and friendship. And if you do throw it away, just make sure I never know. :)

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