Thursday, November 5, 2009

If You Are Stumped On What To Get Me For Christmas, Here Is My List...

Love these pretty necklaces. So original and beautiful!

I'm getting a huge kick (hahaha!) from this butter dish

Any of these keys would do....

But the turquoise one is especially beautiful and so my style.

This is just about the sweetest cupcake plate ever! My cupcakes would look even yummier.

This seriously cracks me up! I love a good, crazy piece of jewelry. And it's on a Scrabble tile, genius.

Beautiful!!! And Pendelton wool. Could it get better? Maybe if it were bigger and I could put a coordinating wallet inside, then it's better.


Chad and Amy said...

I can finally sleep at night now that I know what you want. PHEW!
That purse is really cute. If I buy one for you will you buy one for me and then we can just keep it and save on the shipping. How does that sound?

Jennifer (Ambushed) said...

The keys are on my list too. We should get them and be twins!

Melissa said...

The point of this list is for you to get stuff for me, not the other way around. Gosh, don't be so greedy!!!

hope505 said...

~ wow! ~ I did not realize that little purse was hand-made! It is gorgeous. I think you should get it for yourself (and at $uch a low price!)

I scored a pendleton coat on sale last year and it still isn't cold enough to wear it...~ waah ~
* : )

Melissa said...

Hope, I love Pendelton wool. It's always gorgeous! And winter is just a little better with a good coat:)

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