Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's Your Decorating Style?

I get asked that question a lot and I've been trying to figure it out. You would think that as a decorator I would already know this, but that's not always true. My style seems to change, evolve. When I was first on my own and able to decorate with what I wanted and how I wanted I leaned more to country/crafty decor. After I went to design school I swayed more to modern/retro design. Now that I've got a few years experience behind me I tend to decorate more with color than with a specific style. But if I HAD to give it a name, how about "modern/country" with classic influences. I love bold, happy colors and clean, classic lines. I think I'll always lean to country decor because of my farm town upbringing. I'll still fight it and deny that I'm drawn to it but I love that rustic, farm-fresh look.

I have learned to find beauty in all styles and take the best parts and make them my own. I prefer to use something that is functional and then make it beautiful. Here are some rooms that I'm currently loving...

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I have wanted to place a beautifully ornate chandelier above a rustic butcher block for years. It has been stored in my "Someday-When-I-Have-My-Own-Perfect-House file", which is locked away in my head. I suppose someone has been pilfering my thoughts while I'm asleep:)

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Amber said...

My decorating style is "free". Or maybe "cheap". I like to call it eclectic because it sounds less trashy.

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