Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Kusudama Flowers

I found these pretty flowers yesterday on the very cool blog, Handmade Charlotte. She said they were easy to make and I thought, "Whatever!" Well, it's true! They are easy to make. I made one yesterday and now I'm going to find some pretty paper or use some old magazines, whatever suits my fancy, and whip up some beautiful kusudama flowers.

The tutorial link from the Handmade Charlotte blog doesn't work any more so I found this one that is very simple to follow. I'm going to teach my daughter because she loves origami and flowers and especially spending time with me:)

These are made from post-it notes, which is what I used and it worked very well because the paper is already a square. Bonus!


Dionne said...

Oh my gosh, this HANDS DOWN is my fave tutorial in ages. Thanks for sharing, they're gorge!

Amber said...

I will have to try this out with my own daughter. Maybe it will keep her busy for a while. Those are really cute !

Lynette said...

okay...you need to teach me how to make these too. I know my girlies would love them!!!

You are such a good blogger!!!

And you are right...I LOVE your last post...all the house pics! Made me drool bigtime. Specially the cabinet with the glass doors with all the fabric stored inside. I sooo wanna do that!!!


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