Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kitchen Island

Here is the before of my kitchen island:
I bought this cabinet off of craigslist for $25. I was looking for a dresser to convert to an island but when I saw this, I knew it would work just as well with better storage for a kitchen. My dad helped by making a base to attach the industrial size wheels.


We painted it black to match my table and chairs. The top will eventually be a butcher block but for now I just put a cutting board on top. It has been so nice to have the extra space since my counter top space is next to nothing.

We decided the inside needed a little touch of excitement and this color jumped out at us. I love the pink! It is so fun to open up my little island and have a bubble gum suprise.


Amber said...

How cute! That pink is fabulous. Way to go!

Melissa said...

thank you Amber!

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