Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vote For Me, Pretty Please!

I entered my pretty blue table in a before/after contest on Fresh Nest Design Blog so everyone, please, please, please rush over there and vote for me! This is the first time I've entered any of my work in a contest and it's so fun to see it on another blog. Woo Hoo!!! It would be even cooler if I won:) C'mon, the bed would be so cute in my baby's room.

Thanks, my friends!!!!

This is the bed I could win, with your help of course:)


The Miller Millers said...

I voted for you Melissa, good luck!

tiffunny said...

i voted for you. The dresser & chair ladies obviously are having everyone & their dog vote for them because i wouldn't have chosen them over you even if i didn't know you!

Melissa said...

Thank you, thank you!!!!

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