Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Organization (It's not a dirty word)

photo from msliving.com

I have a huge need to organize right now. It almost feels like the "nesting" instinct when I was pregnant. So I better take full advantage of it and organize the heck out of my life and home. I have a few plans, like bringing in my little secretary desk, which has been in storage and I have missed so. I have also decided that for me to enjoy organizing I need to use pretty organizational aides. Here are some pretties that I have found and if these office products can't help then there is no help!

You can find these here

I have a huge crush on pretty file folders. I want to buy them all!!! But I need somewhere to put them. And I love, love, love clip boards! I refuse to pay what they want just because they stick a piece of contact paper to them, so I will make my own.

You can find this here

You can find these here

Isn't this idea amazing? One more project added to my ever-expanding-list of things I need to make. I just love using everyday objects in new and interesting ways. Makes me smile:)


Mama Runner Parker said...

hey we made clipboards every bit as cute as that one at our brother's reunion last summer--we just used srapbook paper and modge podge and they turned out so dang cute!! (well at least the adults' did--secretly I was kind of glad Susie was to little to make one...)

tiffunny said...

Ummm - so when can you come down to Vegas? I have plenty you could work on when you get finished with your house!! :)

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