Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ana's Art

My daughter Ana is quite the artist. She has been drawing these amazing pictures as long as I can remember. When she has some down time I can always find her with a pad of paper and a pen, typically a black pen. A couple years ago she started drawing her pictures on the computer and because she is truly gifted, the computer drawings and the paper drawings look exactly the same. Here are some of my favorites....

"Self Portrait"

"Kilala Princess"

"New York City"

"The Late Night"

"Around The World"


Jennifer said...

I love her pictures. Someday I'll have to commission her to make one for Emmaline's room. That would be very cute.

tiffunny said...

Awesome - that's pretty good that she can do it on the computer AND paper. I seem to have way less control over a computer mouse - those are hard to conquer!!!

The Miller Millers said...

Hey Melissa, visited your blog from the link on Facebook. Those pictures really are amazing? How old is she? I've been thinking about you lately, and wondering how you're doing, so I'm glad to have discovered you on facebook!

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