Thursday, November 15, 2012


Our kitchen is an ever-evolving room. I can't wait for the day when it's finished.
 I've been putting my plates on the walls to cover the silicone the previous owners thought would be a genius idea to hold up their tacky goose wallpaper boarder. So smart.
You can see the white under the plates where the paint won't adhere to the silicone residue. The only way to get rid of it is to rip out the drywall or cover it up. The white isn't as noticeable in person so we'll just deal with it until we decide on something more drastic.
My next step is to paint the cabinets white! I've been gathering my inspiration...
Yellow Kitchens??  Pics? :  wedding Kitchen11
Photo found here
Photo found here
Top-to-Bottom Yellow
Photo found here
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Photo found here
I think what I love the most about all these rooms is how bright and cheery they are. I want my kitchen to be a fun place that's full of energy. I've got a lot of working to do in it so it needs to be a place I want to be.

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Jill W said...

After painting my cabinets white this summer, I have some suggestions. If you go with the Rustoleum cupboard painting kit, know that their ice white is actually a very blue white. Stick with pure white, even though it looks more yellow on the box. The one part of the Rustoleum kit that I really liked was that it came with a deglosser vs. sand paper. Much less labor intensive and tons easier on the actual cupboards since you don't pull them off the walls. If you can find a good deglosser, I would go with that and not the whole Rustoleum kit. I'm not impressed by their base coat or the top coat (which turned the paint a little bit yellow). Find a good primer that can is for raw wood just in case. The backs of the cupboard doors really turned yellow-- I think it was from the barely finished and then deglossed wood.
Do not stack the doors/drawers after you paint them even if they feel dry. They probably aren't unless you painted them a week ago. They will stick together and cause swearing.
It's true that many thin coats will do better than heavy coats. We did three coats on ours, but it still scratched off when we attached the hardware-- inducing more swearing.
If you get creative and decide you want to put beadboard on the face of your cabinet doors, do it on a dry day. Humidity causes the liquid nails to warp the bead board. More swearing.
If you are attaching hardware to previously un-hardwared doors, check, double check, and triple check before you drill press holes in the doors. Or have some wood putty handy to fill in the holes (while swearing).
I'll think of more things.

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