Friday, September 28, 2012

Dish of the Week

Apple-Plum-Raisin Crisp
 Our plum tree is over-loaded with sweet, delicious plums this year. Last year we had a couple dozen. I've been dehydrating some and eating some more. They are so good warm off the tree. I needed to use some up so I put them in my favorite apple crisp recipe along with some raisins.
And it was super yummy!!!
Here is the recipe right from my favorite cookbook. You can see how much I love it!
If you want some plums, let me know. But you better hurry! They're dropping fast.


Jill W said...

Is that a family cookbook or a ward cookbook? There is a wonderful site for making cookbooks:
Just to let you know in case you wanted to take on another project. :)

M said...

It's actually a drill team cookbook. :) I love ward and family cookbooks. They are all the tried and true recipes. And some crazy stuff! Thanks for the link.

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