Tuesday, June 12, 2012


In my laundry room I have 3 pantry cabinets. Before last week they were kind of a disaster. I had a lot of food but I always felt like I had nothing to make for dinner. So I started project "Inventory My Pantry"!
What fun! Maybe.
We (I made my daughter help) first recorded every item in the pantries and the freezer. Then I typed them all up on a file on my computer. I categorized every item and now I know where I'm lacking (soup) and where I'm over-loaded (baking chocolate). My next project is to base my weekly menus on what is in my pantry. That also means I have to plan a weekly menu.

Look out quinoa, you're going to get used!  


Rachel said...

I use a dry erase chart to plan my menu for two weeks, you can download a free copy off my (previous) LDS website:

Then I got a grocery app for my Kindle Fire, called Out of Milk, (they also have a website you can use to enter shopping lists, pantry lists, etc) which I input all my groceries into, and then just tap off items as I buy them at WinCo.

I even organized categories for food according to WinCo's aisles. It even keeps track of my total (before, during, after shopping) as long as I enter in the prices the first time I buy an item, after that it always remembers and I can just edit it if the price changes.

It's really worth the effort to setup and keeps me organized and on budget!

M said...

Rachel, that is awesome. I'm going to use some of your ideas. You would think that after 20+ years of grocery shopping I'd have it down like a science, but I don't :)

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