Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm Getting MARRIED!!!!!

I am so excited! My fiance is amazing and I can't wait to spend eternity with him. His only down-fall is that he thinks I spend too much time on blogs. Silly boy:) I tell him that blogs keep me happy and my design side satisfied. Otherwise I'd have to find a new hobby like real shopping instead of just online window shopping.  So in honor of my upcoming festivities I will be doing a few more posts about weddings. I'll try to keep it light but have you seen the beautiful wedding blogs out there?! Too many and too little time!
Here are some of my favorite inspirations....
Photos from here
Photo from here
Photos from here
Photos from here
Blue Starlet
I'm so in love with this dress! It's a little bit too low-cut for me but the lace on top is divine.
Can't wait to plan the wedding of my dreams.
If you have any favorite wedding blogs, please send them my way.


hope505 said...

~ congratulations!! !! ~ omg that is SO EXCITINGGG!! !! I did not see that coming & I am so happy for'll have so much fun with all the plans!
* = D

Jennifer9024 said...

That dress is cute, but I don't want to see any pictures like that one. He is looking down her dress!! Come on man, she has a face! Move the eyes up just a bit.

If I find more ideas I'll send them your way.

jenwa said...


I am so excited for you. My little sister just finalised her ugly divorce and I know she is looking forward to finding a good man. So you give me hope for her.

Give me a call. I am opening a bridal shop in Meridian and would love to help you find a dress!

Jennifer P. said...

It's going to be the most gorgeous wedding ever. Hands down! I would totally take jenwa up on her offer :)

M said...

Thank you ladies! It will be the most gorgeous wedding in Parma, that's for sure :) Jennifer W., I already have a friend making the dress. I wish I knew sooner. But I do have a daughter who will have a wedding at some point far off in the future and then we will use your shop. (And lots of single friends to refer to you.) But I still want to come see it. Send me the info.

Chris and Heather Miller said...

congrats Melissa! I was just scrolling down my blog to get to my archives and this post jumped out at me from no-where! I'm so happy for you! When is the date?

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