Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Magazines

I have a little obsession. It's over magazines. I love them. I devour them. I look forward to them. And I save them. I have so many around my house it's getting ridiculous. (But don't tell anyone I said that.) They bring me so much joy every month. It's like a little gift in the mail! Do you subscribe to any magazines? Tell me your favorites. Please share in my obsession so I know I'm not alone.
Piled in the corner of my living room
Piled on the edge of my coffee table
My attempt at magazine organization
Even hidden under a table.
They are taking over! But I can't stop and don't want to stop. Even my daughter has a few magazine subscriptions. I take full responsibility for passing along this addiction. And she loves me all the more because of it!


Jennifer P. said...

I go through and purge mine every year or my house would seriously sink under the weight! One thing I've found helps is that if there are only a few pictures I really like, I tear them out and put them in a special basket. That eliminates a lot of the bulk. But yes...magazines...fabulous. Love them. The computer screen can never replace them :)

hope505 said...

I get Martha Stewart Living and Watercolor magazine in the mailbox...then I buy single issues from the newsstand of Vogue and Allure and Nylon and Architectural Digest and whatever else strikes my fancy during the year!
* = )

To keep from getting a pile-up (because my house is prone to "piles" *HA! once every so often I'll go through the mags and cut out what I rrreeeeallly like and put it in a folder to file away...pictures for inspiration, framing, etc. you know, recipes and whatnot if that's your thanng...
yep. I'm a magazine lover!

M said...

I do the tear and file thing but there are just soooo many! I've let it go too long. I need a long weekend to just go through mags. Sounds heavenly to me:)

Jennifer (Ambushed) said...

If they are older than 3 months old I get rid of them.

You should really get help.:)

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